From the Morning Memo:

Congressman-elect Joe Morelle, describes today as the “relatively easy” day for him this week.

All he has to do is take part in the congressional orientation process for all new members as well as attend his own swearing-in ceremony this evening. On Wednesday, Morelle said things start in earnest.

“It’s a little surreal,” he said. “Obviously we’ve been planning this for the last couple months but you get through elections sometimes, we really focus on the campaign and then it’s over and then you have to really, especially in our case, quickly get your head sort of reoriented.”

Unlike other new members, Morelle will start voting immediately. Last week, the Democrat not only won his mid-term race but also the special election to serve out the remainder of the late-Louise Slaughter’s terms.

Morelle said he’s not sure what bills will be in front of him between now and Friday but has staff working on it.

“I have some folks that have already traveled ahead of me to Washington and they’re scoping that out and then we’ll get a rundown on the bills that are going to be before the House,” he said.

Morelle does have family members in D.C. for the ceremony. He said while the work ahead of him and the speed at which everything’s happening can make it difficult to focus, the significance of the moment isn’t lost on him.

“It’s obviously an incredible privilege and an honor to be chosen to represent anyone’s community so I’m excited by that,” he said. “I’m humbled by it and obviously the chance to finish out Louise’s last several weeks here is a very special moment.”

Morelle considered Slaughter a close friend and read a passage at her funeral in March.