From the Morning Memo:

His Democratic opponent may not yet have conceded the election, but Republican Rep. Chris Collins is already preparing for his fourth term in Congress.

Aside from his ongoing federal insider trading case, Collins will face another new challenge come January. Democrats will control the House with the party’s total gains somewhere around 30 seats and potentially rising, and he’ll find himself in the minority – assuming his lead holds.

The shift in power, along with a change in attorney general this week, has sparked speculation about the future of the Robert Mueller special investigation into Russian collusion during the 2016 presidential election. Collins, however, believes Mueller is nearly done anyway, if he hasn’t already finished.

“I think it’s concluded,” he said. “My own guess is he did not want to impact the mid-term elections.”

The congressman does not believe his Republican colleagues will pressure Mueller to release his reports while they still have control of the House, nor does he think Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker should make that decision.

“I believe we will let Mueller make it on his own,” Collins said. “That’s what I would support, because I’m confident there is no, was no collusion. Let’s let this play out and I think all indicators are it will be done before the first of the year.”

As for what Democrats might do with the report, Collins said that’s up to them. He pointed out House Democratic leaders like Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi have already threatened new investigatory efforts.

But he warned if Dems overplay their hand, they risk losing their new members in 2020 and giving the president more ammunition for his own re-election campaign.