With voting underway across the state on Tuesday, the state Democratic Committee is touting what it says has been an “unprecedented” effort to flip the state Senate and key House seats in New York.

All told, the campaign targeted 21 races, 11 state Senate districts and 10 House campaigns around New York with a $5 million campaign.

Virtually all are seats Democrats are expected to be competitive in against either the Republican incumbent or candidate.

“Donald Trump and ultra-conservative Republicans want to take New York and this country backward – threatening the rights of immigrants, women, LGBTQ New Yorkers, and people of color,” Gov. Andrew Cuomo said in a statement.

“In New York, we are moving forward and fighting back – holding up New York as the alternative to Trump’s America. I’m proud to have led an unprecedented state party effort to take back the State Senate and House to ensure New York remains the progressive capital of the nation. Together, we are going to win big and send a message to Washington that our future is one of tolerance, inclusion and equality.”

The spending included $1 million on cable TV ads on Long Island and in the Hudson Valley and $250,000 on digital advertising targeting Brooklyn as well Long Island and the Hudson Valley.

The effort also included a $1 million field operation in nearly a dozen counties.