Attorney General Barbara Underwood’s office on Wednesday issued a supplementary legal guidance for local governments that have been designated sanctuary communities for undocumented immigrants.

The guidance comes after this month’s appellate court decision that determined New York law bars state and local law enforcement agents from attest people for civil immigration violations.

The ruling has been consistent with previous guidance offered in 2017 by the attorney general’s office, which had been released as the federal government was expected to shift its policies toward sanctuary communities.

“The Second Department’s decision underscores the fact that New York law does not authorize state and local law enforcement to arrest individuals for civil immigration violations,” Underwood said.

“As our guidance details, the federal government simply does not have the authority to transform state and local police into federal immigration agents. Protecting public safety goes hand in hand with building trust with immigrant communities, and we’ll continue to give New York localities the tools they need to protect vulnerable immigrant communities and help ensure all New Yorkers’ safety.”

The updated guidance van be found here.