From the Morning Memo:

A coalition of advocacy groups on Friday will begin the rollout of an effort pushing state lawmakers to take up measures meant to overhaul how New Yorkers vote in the early days of the 2019 legislative session.

The effort will include a series of press conferences to be held next week around the state to press for bills like creating a small-donor public financing system, ending the practice of contributing unlimited funds through a web of limited liability companies as well as a suite of election reforms.

More events on the issue will be held after the holidays. All told, 135 groups are involved in the effort.

“The Governor and our elected leaders in the Legislature are on the record as strong supporters of fair elections,” said Jess Wisneski, the deputy director of Citizen Action.

“Now, New Yorkers from across the state are standing up and calling for the swift passage of fair elections reform. Our broken campaign finance laws can only be fixed by getting big money out of politics and empowering small dollar donors, and that is what fair elections would accomplish.”

Advocates have long called for creating early voting, automatic voter registration, same-day registration and no-excuse absentee voting.

The measures should be relatively easy layups for the state Senate and Assembly, both of which will have large Democratic majorities in the new year. Lawmakers are expected to approve a provision that would unify the federal and state primaries, now held in June and September, into one day.

The changes have largely been opposed or blocked by Republicans during their control of the state Senate over the last decade.