Count the state Conservative Party among the dissenting voices when it comes to the pay raise and outside income limit for state lawmakers set in motion Thursday by a special commission.

Chairman Mike Long in a statement on Friday morning knocked the increase, which will be phased in over three years to $130,000 by 2021, and the limitation on outside income as “un-American.”

“America has always been a country that rewards hard work and if you choose to be an elected official there is no reason to restrict your ability to earn outside income. In fact, the Founding Fathers designed a part-time legislature in order for legislators to understand the consequences of the laws they passed,” Long said.

“Without outside employment, legislators become insulated in their world, thereby, unable to fully understand the ramifications of the legislation they pass.”

The cap on outside cap would be 15 percent of what a legislator’s public salary; a similar provision exists for members of Congress.

The recommendation by the commission, which has the force of law if lawmakers do not counter it by the end of the year, will be spelled out further in a report to be released on Monday.