Republican Senate Leader John Flanagan backed up the account of Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie when it came to his understanding of the purview of the compensation commission: It will be considering salaries, nothing else.

The pay panel this month released a report that backed pay raises for lawmakers, department heads and statewide elected officials, but also capped outside income for members of the Legislature and ended stipends for most leadership posts.

The decision has angered some lawmakers who have balked at the reforms linked to the pay hike, pointing to similar stipulations not being in place for the governor.

“The committee was never charged with weighing in on issues such as outside income, the elimination of stipends, or changing the Legislature from part-time to full-time – and they were never even expected to discuss them,” Flanagan said. “Matters essential to how the Legislature operates should be debated in public and out in the open, and any proposed reforms must be approved by voters through a constitutional amendment.”

Cuomo has insisted the pay commission’s decision, which will take effect in the new year, had a broader mandate to consider areas like “performance” — such as budgets being approved on time. Subsequent increase phase-ins will be tied to budgets being passed by April 1, the start of the state’s fiscal year.

“I am disappointed that the Governor is attempting to rewrite history,” Flanagan said. “He knows that he gave the Speaker and I his word. With at least one lawsuit already filed to challenge this panel’s recommendations, it’s time for the Governor to be honest about his intent and his motives.”