From the Morning Memo:

Members of the state Senate could potentially return to Albany for one more vote before the end of the calendar year.

Two sources said there were discussions Thursday with members of the Republican conference, gauging whether there would be enough interest to vote Dec. 27 to reject the recent recommendations of the pay raise commission.

Earlier this month, the commission voted to give state legislators a $50,000 raise over the next several years while limiting outside income to 15 percent of the salary and eliminating committee stipends known as lulus.

Many legislators have complained that the commission members’ proposal was outside the panel’s legal purview, and a lawsuit has already commenced to challenge it. However, it is expected to become law unless legislators pass and the governor signs a bill nullifying the decision before Jan. 1.

So far, there’s been a lot of unhappy talk by lawmakers, but no real action. As a result, some GOP sources are questioning the point of returning on the “leader’s prerogative.”

One source said a “vocal minority” of senators are pushing to get their stance against the commission report on the record. Others, the source said, told current Majority Leader John Flanagan, they would return to the Capitol if asked.

Because Republican state Sen. Tom Croci, of Long Island, remains on active duty with the Navy Reserve, the conferences are essentially equally split with 31 votes apiece. Several other GOP legislators are lame ducks whose terms will be over at the end of the year. Democrats take control of the Senate next session.

The source said in order to even get a quorum, at least some Democrats would have to agree to return – something unlikely to happen unless the Assembly decides to come back as well. Flanagan told members of his conference talks between him and Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie about the pay raises are ongoing.

As for why they are looking at next Thursday, it appears to be the most reasonable day between holidays for legislators to return if needed – provided they’re not celebrating outside the state.