Republican Sen. Joe Griffo of Rome will become the deputy minority leader, leading the conference’s floor operations in the state Senate, incoming Minority Leader John Flanagan announced Friday.

At the same time, Binghamton-area Sen. Fred Akshar will replace Sen. Cathy Young as the chair of the Senate Republican Campaign Committee.

Akshar, a prominent upstate Flanagan ally, replaces Sen. Cathy Young, who had challenged Flanagan for the leadership post in November after Republicans lost of the majority.

Young is also losing her post as the top Republican on the Senate Finance Committee. The job ranking member will go to Sen. Jim Seward.

“Jim Seward is a consummate professional who will make an outstanding ranker of the Senate Finance Committee. Our budget priorities will be widely known and well articulated, and we will stand up for taxpayers at every turn,” Flanagan said.

Griffo replaces Sen. John DeFrancisco of Syracuse, who is retiring this year.

“No one knows more than Joe Griffo about the ins-and-outs of what happens on the floor of the State Senate. I am confident he will pursue every avenue and work every angle to allow us to be a vocal Minority and an aggressive voice for taxpayers and their families,” Flanagan said.