Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie in a radio interview on Tuesday said he was frustrated by the terms of the debate over whether state lawmakers should receive their first legislative pay raise in 20 years.

A commission, led by current and former state and city comptrollers, will decide this month whether lawmakers will receive a boost in their base $79,500 salary.

But Heastie has bristled at the push to link any pay hike to reforms, such as a ban or limit on outside income for the Legislature.

“The mission of the commission was to really look at what is the right pay for legislators and not how to reform the operations of the house,” Heastie said in an interview on WCNY’s The Capitol Pressroom.

Still, Heastie has expressed a willingness to consider the reform of an outside income change as the commission itself has expressed sympathy with the 20-year pay raise drought.

The commission is also considering pay raises for members of the governor’s cabinet. Heastie said some editorials written in opposition to the pay hike without reform have contained “venom” directed unfairly at the Legislature.

“Everyone is only asking for reforms on the Legislature,” he said. “If you’re asking for reforms in exchange for compensation, you can do that for anyone who is captured under this law. But I get it, the Legislature is always the dog you kick.”

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has said in multiple interviews in recent weeks that a legislative pay hike should also come with reforms, such as an outside income ban.

The public perception of a legislative pay raise may difficult to combat, given the corruption scandals that have engulfed state government in recent years.

Lawmakers have approved multiple ethics reform packages in recent years.

“I don’t know if any legislative reform is going to fix peoples’ mortality,” Heastie said Tuesday in the interview. “People know when they’re doing the wrong thing. But we’ll continue to give the voters of this state the confidence that their legislators are operating openly and ethically.”