Incoming Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins in a statement on Thursday said her conference next year will advance legislation aimed at limiting outside income for state lawmakers.

Her statement comes as a commission examining compensation for statewide officials and members of the Legislature will meet for the final time later today and issue a report next week on whether to grant lawmakers their first pay raise in 20 years.

“I recently discussed my views on salary increases with each of the legislative pay commission members, and I was clear that a raise for New York State legislators is appropriate following twenty years of no increases,” Stewart-Cousins said in the statement.

“For many years, the Senate Democratic Conference led the fight on ethics reforms against staunch Republican opposition, and forced a vote on our gold standard outside income bill modeled after Congress. That vote was unanimously supported by our conference members at the time. Now that we will be in the Majority, my Senate Democratic colleagues and I continue to support that legislation and expect to secure its passage in the upcoming Legislative Session. We will also continue to advance other crucial reforms.”

Lawmakers earn a base pay of $79,500 and many earn more with legislative stipends for leadership posts and committee chairmanships.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has said any pay hike for the Legislature should be paired with a limit or ban on private-sector income for the Legislature.

Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie has said he is open to limiting outside pay, but does not want to link it to any pay raise for lawmakers.