From the Morning Memo:

Problems just keep piling up for outgoing Republican Assemblyman Joe Errigo.

Already facing charges for accepting a bribe, the developers of the project he’s accused of trying to hinder in exchange for that illicit cash are now suing him as well. Daniele Family Companies, which is building a Whole Food complex in Brighton, filed the federal lawsuit this week.

The suit also goes after a former Monroe County government staffer and nine other people for their alleged roles in trying to stop the development from happening. That staffer, Joe Rittler, is accused of coordinating the bribe in exchange for a bogus bill at the state legislative level, to at least slow the project.

Rochester lobbyist Robert Scott Gaddy was also arrested in connection with the scheme. According to court documents, the FBI was aware of the scheme and never let the legislation move beyond the preliminary stages.

However, the developer is seeking more than $650,000 in lost business damages.

Attorneys for the developer, Errigo and Rittler did not respond to Spectrum News Rochester’s request for comment.

Errigo was ousted in the September Republican primary for the 133rd Assembly District by Marjorie Byrnes, who went on to win the general election in November, defeating Democrat Democrat Barbara Baer.

(Errigo ran on the Independence and Reform Party lines in the general election, despite the federal bribery charges, and came in a distant third).