Assembly Republicans on Monday released a package of bills aimed at fixing the state’s crumbling infrastructure, including legislation that would fund upstate roads and bridges, funding for highways in New York, and expand the Clean Water Investment Act.

The bills are the end result of regional forums lawmakers conducted to assess the state of New York’s infrastructure and transportation needs.

“This report is the culmination of numerous hours of traveling, testimony, gathering research and analysis. It was a tremendous lift, but our picture of the state’s infrastructure woes is comprehensive and substantial. I am proud to have been a part of this important effort,” said Assemblyman Phil Palmesano, a Republican from Corning who co-chaired the effort.

“What we learned strongly reinforces the undeniable reality that New York’s statewide and local transportation infrastructure faces critical deficiencies that demand our attention and action. It will require continued cooperation on targeted legislation, strategic planning and, especially, investment.”

Additional measures would require parity for the Department of Transportation and MTA five-year capital programs, have the DOT release a 20 to 30-year long-term transportation plan and have the DOT submit a capital plan for approval.

“Professionals from every region of the state spoke with us about their experiences and challenges, and our commitment to uncovering the most complete picture of our state’s infrastructure issues remains unmatched. This report represents a team effort toward the singular goal of making life better for all New Yorkers – better roads and a stronger, safer transportation system leads to greater opportunities for everyone,” said Repubblican Assemblyman Kevin Byrne. “If there was ever an issue to unite legislators from both political parties, this is it. We must, and will, fight tooth-and-nail to enact wholescale reform to the way our state approaches transportation funding before it’s too late.”