State lawmakers are backing a bill that would force politicians convicted of a felony to surrender their remaining campaign funds within two years of being found guilty.

The bill, backed by Sen. Todd Kaminsky and Assemblywoman Judy Griffin, comes as former Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos today is heading to federal prison after he was convicted of using his power to help secure a job for his son, Adam.

“If a candidate betrays the public’s trust, he should not be allowed to dole out campaign cash to his cronies from a jail cell,” said Kaminsky, a Democrat who won Skelos’s seat after he was ejected from the chamber following his initially guilty verdict in his fraud case.

“As a former federal prosecutor, I saw firsthand how corrupt government officials not only steal taxpayers’ hard-earned money–but their right to honest representation as well. It’s time we end these zombie accounts.”

The bill would hinder those with campaign accounts from using the money while they are behind bars, such as on attorneys’ fees.

The measure would require the money be donated to charity, the state or city university systems or to the state’s general fund. The money can also be returned to contributors.

“It is time we hold elected officials accountable for their actions. Politicians must face the consequences of their criminal convictions,” Griffin said.