Gov. Andrew Cuomo in a radio interview on Wednesday called the current funding formula for education “a scam” as he pushes for targeted funding increases for poorer schools.

“It was in many ways a scam. You gave money to the poorer district, but they didn’t give it to the poorer schools,” Cuomo said on WAMC.

Cuomo on Tuesday proposed a $956 million education aid increase, including a $338 million foundation aid hike.

That’s far short of the billions of dollars in increased aid education advocates are pushing for in the budget. But Cuomo is seeking a different method altogether of individually poor schools.

“In this law you say you’re not just giving it to the school district, I want it to go to the poorer school,” he said.

Lawmakers have not dismissed the proposal out of hand, but are reviewing the specifics of how the funding formula would change.

“Let’s be clear we’re always going to fight for more funding for these schools,” Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins told The Capitol Pressroom.

Democrats have a full majority in the state Senate for the first time in a decade, and several new members have pledged to boost education by at least $2 billion.

Nevertheless, the push and pull over education spending is a perennial part of the budget negotiations.

“Again, I said I think there’s a lot of things going on for the first time my conference will have for the first time to get this on track,” Stewart-Cousins said. “This is the beginning. Yesterday was the beginning where the governor believes we should go.”