Local governments can opt out of adult use marijuana, while the minimum wage for purchasing cannabis would be set at 21, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Monday in a radio interview.

As the Department of Health has in a report issued last year, Cuomo pegged the potential revenue for adult use marijuana at about $300 million.

“It’s not for the money,” Cuomo told WAMC’s Alan Chartock. “The benefits outweigh the risks. It has to be regulated.”

Cuomo is expected to include the adult use marijuana proposal in his budget, scheduled to be unveiled on Tuesday in Albany.

It’s not entirely clear what the opt out provision for local governments will mean, including whether county or city governments can deny permits for marijuana retailers.

But the governor also once again indicated the program would provide support for communities that have been impacted by strict drug laws.

Cuomo said he was reviewing how “poor communities that paid the price rather than having rich corporations and having another pay day” could benefit from the program.