Gov. Andrew Cuomo told reporters on Wednesday he would be open to changing how the state reviews contracts and procurement, an effort lawmakers have considered since the indictment of a former close aide to the governor.

“I’m open to procurement reform, certainly,” Cuomo said in a gaggle with the press. “You will always have people who are greedy and venial and dumb, quite frankly. it’s not that passing a law will stop dumb people from doing dumb things or greedy people from doing greedy things, but you put every safe guard in place that you can.”

Cuomo said he supports a “thorough contract procurement review that actually asks questions before the fact.”

The comments come as Democrats in the Legislature have once again signaled they would consider bolstering procurement oversight, backing measures first proposed in the wake of the arrest of Joe Percoco as well as prominent upstate developers in connection to a bid rigging and bribery scheme.

Percoco was sentenced last year was sentenced to six years in prison.