From the Morning Memo:

The New York State Democratic Committee sent out a statement from the governor last night, thanking the outgoing chairman and Buffalo mayor, Byron Brown, for his service.

Brown was handpicked by Gov. Andrew Cuomo in 2016 to lead the party, and performed in that position loyally ever since. However, in a bit of a surprise move, Cuomo has denied to have Nassau County Democratic Chairman Jay Jacobs return to head the state party that he originally chaired during former Gov. David Paterson’s tenure.

The governor briefly thanked Brown in an early press release, but then elaborated on it later in the day with a longer statement.

“Byron Brown is one of New York’s most accomplished and inspiring Democratic leaders, and we are so grateful to him for his service to our party as committee chair,” Cuomo said.

The statement appeared to be rather quickly put together, with the governor alternating between the first and third person point of view.

“During his tenure, Democrats gained new U.S. House seats and flipped the State Senate, and the Democratic governor won more votes than any governor in history,” it read.

“At the same time, Byron partnered with the governor to bring about Buffalo’s historic transformation and resurgence, and while we will miss him on the committee, we understand that he is bringing renewed focus to lift Buffalo to even greater heights. On behalf of all New York Democrats, I thank Byron Brown for his unparalleled record of accomplishments and historic victories.”

At least in Western New York, the leadership change did not seem to be perceived as a slight to Brown. The Erie County Democratic Committee Chair Jeremy Zellner issued a statement congratulating Jacobs, while also thanking Brown for his service.

The outgoing chair did not release his own statement, or explain why he was being abruptly replaced.