From the Morning Memo:

Gov. Andrew Cuomo in an email to supporters on Wednesday continued to push the theme of his third inaugural address of New York being able to “rise above hate.”

Cuomo’s office highlighted excerpts from the Ellis Island speech in a Facebook post which pointed to the more aspirational aspects of the address — namely what Cuomo’s sees as New York’s role as a bulwark for liberal ideals and causes in the country.

“It is New York’s duty, it is New York’s destiny, it is New York’s legacy to bring the light to lead the way through the darkness and I pledge to the people of the State of New York, that’s what we will do together,” Cuomo wrote in the email.

The expectation is lawmakers will act quickly in the coming weeks on a range of long-sought measures that will likely include voting reforms, a strengthening of abortion laws and gun control.

But the poetry of campaigning and the prose of governing could be especially stark in 2019.

The new year is also bringing with it a set of complicated challenges for the governor, including a souring relationship with fellow Democrats in the Legislature, who control both chambers with large working majorities.

The new session starts next Wednesday and runs through June.