From the Morning Memo:

The first two weeks of a Democratic-controlled Legislature have largely gone as expected: The state Senate, along with the Assembly, has passed a bill after bill that up until last Election Day represented a wish list for progressives in New York.

The Legislature has approved bills that are designed to make it easier to register to vote and cast ballot, closing the LLC loophole and protections for transgender people and a ban on conversion therapy.

This week, the Legislature is expected to take up and pass bills meant to strengthen abortion laws and access to contraceptions in the state. Later on in the session, gun control measures will likely pass as well.

For now, these bills have been passing like butter through a knife.

Not everything will be this easy.

Senate Democrats this week will move make the state’s cap on property taxes permanent — a provision their governing partners in the Assembly have been skeptical of over the years. Assembly Democrats could seek some changes to the cap, which limits property tax levy hikes to 2 percent or the rate of inflation, that would make it easier to override or workaround.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has not been willing to back major changes to the cap, however.

Cuomo, meanwhile, has indicated the biggest sticking point for lawmakers will be the broad-based ethics reforms he’s proposed such as lobbying law changes, calling them essential to the budget he’s submitted. He also believes congestion pricing and changing the structure of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority will be difficult lifts as well.

Conflict is still a little ways off for Democrats in Albany, but not that far off.