From the Morning Memo:

More than 200 groups, including the Rev. Al Sharpton’s National Action Network, have joined a coalition pushing for changes to the state’s campaign finance laws, with a public financing component at the center of the effort.

The coalition, Fair Elections for New York, is backing a program with a small dollar matching system for modest donations in order to counter the influence of large-scale contributions.

Lawmakers earlier this month approved a bill closing a loophole in state election law that allows unlimited donations to flow through a web of limited liability companies. The Democratic-controlled Legislature also approved a package of bills designed to make it easier to vote, including a early voting measure and a provision consolidating the state and congressional primaries into one day.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has also called for an end to corporate contributions in addition to the public financing program.

Advocates are hopeful this year given the Democratic takeover of the state Senate for more to come later in the legislative session.

“From the Governor’s budget to the House of Justice and more than 200 grassroots groups across New York, momentum for passing a small dollar matching system is stronger than ever before,” said Laura Friedenbach of Fair Elections for New York. “Albany has taken bold steps to make our elections fairer, and more than any other reform, public campaign financing is the next big step to limit the influence of big money and empower New Yorkers to participate in our democracy.”