From the Morning Memo:

Veteran reporter and Daily News bureau chief Ken Lovett is leaving the newspaper next month, he told Capital Tonight.

His last day at the Tribune Publishing-owned paper is Feb. 15.

To say this is a big loss of institutional knowledge for the Legislative Correspondents Association is an understatement: Lovett has covered the Capitol for a quarter century, including 10-1/2 years at The Daily News as well as eight at The New York Post, a career that spans five governors.

“Coming up in the field, I always wanted to work for a New York City paper,” Lovett said, whose career has also included time at The Watertown Daily Times, Ottaway and the Bergen Record. “I got to work for two.”

A happy warrior and a fierce competitor, Lovett is a well-sourced scoop machine. In the last several years alone, Lovett has broken news on behind-the-scenes machinations in Albany and the intersection of money, politics and policy. His Monday column became a must-read for political junkies and Albany insiders alike.

And during that time, he’s worked at a News bureau in Albany that’s included Capital Tonight’s own Liz Benjamin, Bill Hammond now of The Empire Center and Glenn Blain, now at the state Department of Transportation.

He could not say what the new job is just yet, but it won’t be in journalism.

“I’m very lucky I got to do what I did,” he said. “Now I’m looking forward to the next challenge.”