From the Morning Memo:

The public push for strengthening New York’s abortion laws this year is getting underway today, with Gov. Andrew Cuomo and top Democratic officials in New York appearing with Hillary Clinton to back bills expected to gain votes this month in the Legislature.

Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins is also expected to appear the event with Clinton, the former U.S. senator, secretary of state and 2016 presidential candidate.

Clinton delivered the keynote address at the state Democratic Convention in May, emphatically endorsing Cuomo’s third term as he faced a primary challenge from Cynthia Nixon.

A vote on the legislation is likely to occur sometime this month with the coming anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision.

The measures, the Reproductive Health Act and the Contraceptive Care Act, will be able to highlight early Democratic unity after the party won control of the state Senate in November and now holds 39 seats there.

But today’s event Barnard College in New York City could be something of a kumbaya moment for Cuomo and Democratic lawmakers who he has been at odds with over the last several weeks — a chance to highlight a key issue for the base of the party in which they are all on the same page.

The bills stalled in the Republican-led state Senate and are among a handful of items the Legislature could pass in the new year before the state budget is negotiated, including gun control, campaign finance law changes and bills meant to make it easier to vote in the state.

The more nettlesome issues come in March, when state budget is being haggled over, and the push and pull coming over education aid and health care spending.