As the state Senate today is likely to pass a bill consolidating the state and federal primaries into one day, Republican lawmakers on Monday challenged Democrats to have perfect attendance during the petitioning process.

Currently, the state holds its primaries in September, with primary contests for federal offices — the House and U.S. Senate — are held in June, creating a costly bifucated process for local governments.

The changes were done because of the state adhering to the MOVE Act, a federal law that requires timely access to absentee ballots for military and overseas voters. Because of gridlock over when the primary should be moved, a federal judge ruled the congressional primary must be held in June.

But Republicans have maintained a June primary speeds up the petitioning process, making it difficult to get ballot access while lawmakers are also in Albany to negotiate the state budget.

“Every Senator must remember that we serve the people, not ourselves,” said Sen. Cathy Young. “This pledge is a reminder that the people elect us to be their voices in the state capitol and they rely on us to be here, not absent and on the campaign trail as we have seen before. Empty chairs are simply empty promises to New Yorkers. Let’s show the public that we hold ourselves to the highest standards and sign this pledge.”