If the state legalizes adult use marijuana, Senate Republicans want the revenue to go toward some form of tax relief.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo later today is expected to propose a marijuana legalization plan that is projected to bring the state an estimated $300 million in tax revenue.

It’s not yer clear where Cuomo will propose using the money, but he has indicated that he wants any program to in large part benefit low-income communities that have been impacted by harsh drug laws.

“We don’t know the specifics,” said Sen. Joe Griffo, the deputy minority leader. “We await to see what the proposal will look like.”

Senate Republicans on Monday released a pre-buttal of sorts to Cuomo’s budget and State of the State presentation. They called for a permanent tax cap and other forms of tax relief.

Republicans at a Capitol news conference were also seemingly resigned to a marijuana provision passing, given the Democratic control of both chambers of the Legislature and an end to mandated state spending through a constitutional amendment.

But the marijuana tax revenue could be a highlight of the budget negotiations.

“If you really want to change the profile of New York let’s do something that is dramatic and substantive lets have a significant reduction in taxes we could look at both the property and income tax right now,” Griffo said.

Still, he cautioned that the revenue may not be as initially advertised and some projections may be a bit rosy.

“When they told us that legalizing gaming would be an economic cure for upstate New York, we now know these casinos are looking for bailouts and help,” Griffo said.