Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed into law Thursday a package of bills designed to make it easier to vote and to register to vote in New York.

The bills include a consolidation of the state and federal party primaries to June, a bill that creates early voting in New York and a measure that would pre-register 16 and 17-year-olds.

Cuomo also wants to make Election Day a state holiday and extend the hours of voting for upstate counties on primary day to begin at 6 a.m.

“So we do have reforms to make and we’ve been trying to get them done, and now we have. We have more to do, but the reforms that we’re talking about today, that I’m going to sign into law in a few minutes, are going to make a really, really big difference,” Cuomo said. “The early voting is going to be transformative for the system. And one of the things that this legislation does is it brings early voting to New York, and I say ‘amen’ to that.”

Supporters of early voting are also calling for a line item in the state budget that funds the measure for local governments.

“While the Let NY Vote Coalition is thrilled that Governor Cuomo is signing early voting into law today, it is only the first step,” said Common Cause Executive Director Susan Lerner. “The Governor must allocate funding in his budget in order for early voting to be successful in November. New Yorkers are counting on him to get it right.”

Cuomo’s office has maintained that the savings from the consolidated primary and collecting sales tax from out-of-state internet purchases.