From the Morning Memo:

A coalition that’s backing an effort to automatically register voters in New York wants final legislation to include a “back-end” system that adds eligible voters to the rolls without the prospective voter having to take any action.

The proposal was spelled out in a memo to the top legislative leaders in the Senate and Assembly as well as the chairmen of the legislative elections committees.

“A back-end system determines eligibility by using data individuals already provide in their interaction with the government agency,” the memo states. “Relying on automation and existing documentation reduces the risk of human error present in a front-end system, where individuals are registered based on their attestations at an agency, which is often a stress-filled, rushed environment.”

The back-end provision is opposed to a “front-end” policy that would have eligible voters make decision about registration, including an opt-out when interacting with a government agency.

Lawmakers this year are expected to consider a package of election and voting law changes that are meant to make it easier to vote in the state and potentially boost turnout. In addition to automatic registration, lawmakers are considering early voting, consolidating the state and local primaries and no-excuse absentee balloting.

Read the full memo here.