A constitutional amendment that would guarantee the right to a clean environment is advancing after it was first approved in the previous legislative session by the Democratic-led Assembly.

The amendment would require that “each person shall have the right to clean air and water, and a healthful environment.”

If it gains first passage in the Democratic-controlled chambers, lawmakers must approve the bill again in the legislative session elected after 2020. It then goes to voters in a referendum.

The amendment was inspired in part by the contamination of drinking water in communities in upstate New York like Hoosick Falls and Newburgh as well as on Long Island.

Several states, including Pennsylvania, Hawaii, Massachusetts and Montana, have existing amendments guaranteeing clean air and water.

“This proposed constitutional amendment would follow those models and ensure that clean air and water are treated as fundamental rights for New Yorkers,” the bill’s memo states.

The amendment is also advancing as lawmakers may consider a package of environmental conservation bills next week.