Elizabeth Crothers, a former legislative aide who had accused a top staffer to then-Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver of rape, will attend the State of the Union with Rep. Joe Morelle.

Morelle, a Democrat from the Rochester area, had publicly dismissed Crother’s story as a member of the state Legislature, but later issued an apology. He’s since held conversations with a group of former legislative aides who have filed sexual harassment and assault complaints.

“Congressman Morelle has taken the time to listen to victims of sexual harassment and assault about our experiences, and how these experiences can help inform policymakers. He has also reached out to former colleagues in the NYS Legislature about the value of public hearings and the need to listen to victims,” Crothers said Tuesday in a statement released by the Sexual Harassment Working Group. “This is what institutional courage looks like, and I look forward to attending the State of the Union with him.”

State lawmakers on Feb. 13 will hold a public hearing on the issue of sexual harassment, abuse and assault in Albany after the group called on the Legislature to do so.