Web retail giant Amazon needs to make a better case for building a major campus and complex in Long Island City, Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Tuesday said in a radio interview.

“I think Amazon has not done a great job communicating,” Cuomo said on WNYC’s The Brian Lehrer Show. “There is a symbolism to Amazon and Jeff Bezos. Everyone loves to hate Jeff Bezos.”

The deal for Amazon to bring 25,000 jobs, tied to $3 billion in tax incentives from the state, has come under fire from critics in the Legislature over the generous package as well as the company’s labor stance.

Cuomo in the interview understood why Bezos, a billionaire and the world’s wealthiest person, is a political punching bag. But he urged critics to take the larger view of the picture.

“I understand the political temperature is high,” Cuomo said. “But I also know we have to respond responsibility.”

Senate Democrats on Monday moved to appoint Sen. Michael Gianaris, the deputy majority leader, to a post on the Public Authorities Control Board, a little-known entity that could have determination over whether the tax incentives are approved for the company.

Gianaris is a prominent critic of the project.

Cuomo wouldn’t say whether he would block Gianaris’s appointment while also adding it’s unclear if the board will have approval over the deal.

“I get politics. I’m a Queens boy through and through,” Cuomo said. “But I understand politics and I also understand government and I think it’s unfortunate the Senate is playing politics here.”