As lawmakers and Gov. Andrew Cuomo in the coming weeks will negotiate in earnest the extension of rent control regulations for New York City, the governor in a radio interview on Tuesday insisted his platform is aggressively pro-tenant.

“I am very aggressive on rent reform, ending vacancy decontrol, repealing preferential rent, building and apartment improvement charges,” he said in an interview with WNYC, adding the benefit for improvements should be in the form an annuity.

He also insisted the process on his part would not be influenced by the real estate donors who have contributed to his campaign.

“People have character and you either have character or not. Newspaper reporters have advertisers in the newspaper. Well, maybe those reporters are influenced by their advertisers or maybe they have character. If you can be influenced by donations, and when you’re in my situation, you have donations from almost every industry,” Cuomo said.

Rent control regulations are due to expire at the end of June. The industry may be bracing for major changes given the Democratic-control of the state Senate and Assembly this year.

“Real estate is concerned about the state because it’s the one industry that can’t move,” Cuomo said.

“They tend to be concerned about the trajectory of the state. If you have the integrity where you can be bought off, then you can be bought off. The only question is you shouldn’t be in politics. If you take it to an extreme, then you should be behind bars.”