If special interest contributions are Godzilla, then King Kong is public financing.

A video released Wednesday by Fair Elections for New York and the Creative Resistance, called for the creation of a public financing system for the state’s elections.

The video, narrated by actress Edie Falco, asserts that public financing can level the playing field when it comes to influencing how politicians act in office.

“Our many small donations together will be worth more than the few big corporate ones,” Falco says in the ad. “So politicians will listen to us, not the lobbyists.”

The video comes as top lawmakers in the Democratic-led Legislature and Gov. Andrew Cuomo have said they would back the creation of a public financing program, potentially as part of a budget agreement. Cuomo has also called for a ban on corporate contributions to campaigns and a lowering of donor caps.

“New York has a chance to lead the nation in creating a truly free, fair, and open elections system. Leader Stewart-Cousins, Speaker Heastie and the majority of their party’s legislative colleagues have long supported key campaign finance reform, and have already demonstrated their commitment to taking quick action to fix Albany and improve our broken campaign finance system,” said Dave Palmer, campaign manager of Fair Elections for New York.

“The only way to fix New York’s campaign finance system is through small-dollar matching funds, which would ensure that every donation from hardworking New Yorkers is weighed the same as the big special interest groups. We’re excited to release this video to tap into voter excitement around this issue and make sure legislators know there is no excuse for failing to act.”