From the Morning Memo:

A coalition of more than 30 environmental advocacy groups are backing a push to create a system of publicly financed campaigns.

A letter sent this week to Gov. Andrew Cuomo from the coalition, which includes Environmental Advocates of New York, Environmental Defense Fund and Food & Water Watch, among others, said such a system would reduce the influence of special interests who have a harmful effect on the environmental.

“To take bigger steps towards a cleaner environment and a clean energy system, we first need a cleaner electoral system. Tackling pollution, and changing our economy to meet the threat of climate change, also means taking on the powerful interests that pollute, and oppose a just transition to a clean energy economy,” they wrote in the letter. “Those interests often use their financial might to prevent necessary planet-saving policies, literally putting lives, and perhaps our very existence, at risk. This cannot be allowed to continue.”

A public financing program is more likely this year given the majority control Democrats now have in both the Assembly and state Senate. The proposal would create a small dollar donation limit matched by public dollars.

Earlier this year, lawmakers approved legislation meant to close the LLC loophole, which allows unlimited donations through a web of limited liability companies.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has called for public financing and lower contribution limits as well as a ban on corporate contributions.