Aides say the president plans to deliver an “optimistic” State of the Union address that will highlight what he sees as his achievements, while laying out objectives for the coming year.

Hours before he planned to issue a call for unity, Trump was trading verbal barbs with U.S. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.

Markets should “pay close attention” as Trump may sound more upbeat about the economy during tonight’s SOTU, but “many of his core supporters don’t feel it,” Horizon Investments’ chief global strategist Greg Valliere wrote in a note.

This is Trump’s first SOTU before a divided Congress. The new Democratic members – many of them women, and many of them people of color — are planning to send their own pointed messages to the president with their choices of guests and attire.

NPR host Rachel Martin asked White House counselor Kellyanne Conway if it was hypocritical for the president to invite an 11-year-old who has been bulled to the State of the Union, saying Trump has his own history of “cyberbullying people with whom he disagrees.”

The boy, Joshua Trump, lives in Wilmington, Delaware, and has been bullied because of his last name. He is not related to the president. The school changed his name in databases to try to fix the problem, and his parents homeschooled him for a time, too.

SKDKnickerbocker, a progressive public affairs and consulting firm, is privately urging top officials in the party to leave Starbucks out of the burgeoning feud with the company’s former CEO and presidential aspirant, Howard Schultz.

“The moniker ‘billionaire’ now has become the catchphrase,” Schultz said during an interview last month. “I would rephrase that and say that ‘people of means’ have been able to leverage their wealth and their interest in ways that are unfair.”

A federal judge in Los Angeles formally dismissed porn actress Stormy Daniels’ defamation lawsuit against Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen.

Four of Trump’s trips to his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida during the first three months of his presidency cost the federal government nearly $14 million, according to a report from the Government Accountability Office.

G. Steven Pigeon, a longtime ally and confidant of top Democrats around New York, is reportedly sharing his knowledge with law enforcement in a bid to reduce or even eliminate jail time.

Former New York City mayor and potential presidential nominee Michael Bloomberg took issue with the $3 billion in incentives New York City and state are providing Amazon, while celebrating the company’s decision to open a new headquarters in Queens.

Trump’s company has fired at least 18 undocumented workers from five golf courses in New York and New Jersey in the past two months, part of a purge after reports about the clubs’ employment of workers without legal status.

Nuns have suffered and are still suffering sexual abuse at the hands of Catholic priests and bishops, and even being held as sexual slaves, Pope Francis confirmed. The abuse was so severe in one case that an entire congregation of nuns was dissolved by former Pope Benedict.

While more than half a dozen Democrats have declared they are running for president in 2020 or launched exploratory committees, it’s a significantly smaller crowd than the estimated two or three dozen that were once mentioned as would-be contenders – though it’s still early in the cycle.

New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker, one of the announced Democratic 2020 contenders, has “got a boo.”

The NYC Department of Health is barring restaurants and bars from selling food or drinks containing cannabidiol, or CBD — a non-psychoactive compound found in marijuana that’s said to have calming effects.

As Democrats in the state Legislature continue a rapid pace of passing legislation to start the new session, the state Senate seems poised to advance another round of election and voting reforms, including approving the use of electronic poll books to administer elections.

A federal panel of judges has found that DEC’s denial letter for National Fuel’s Northern Access pipeline didn’t explain the rational basis for the decision. Vacates the permit denial and sends back to DEC for further explanation.

Charter Communications, the company that owns Spectrum cable, is getting close to a deal with state regulators that would allow it to continue to provide cable television, phone and internet service across New York, according to a state Public Service Commission member.

A growing list of public officials in high-tax states are expressing alarm that big earners are bolting to low-tax states as new data suggests some home buyers are moving in response to the year-old change in the federal tax law.

Gannett, the publisher of USA Today and more than 100 other newspapers across nearly three dozen states, rejected a $1.3 billion hostile takeover bid from a hedge fund-backed newspaper group, kicking off a battle for shareholder votes to determine the future of the company.