Senate Minority Leader John Flanagan in a statement Monday said he was oppposed to the proposed cut in direct funding to local governments as outlined in Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s budget plan.

The cuts affect local governments that do not overly rely on AIM funding as a significant source of revenue.

But mayors, in Albany today for the local government budget hearing, have watered the cuts could lead to increased taxes or cuts in services.

“Governor Cuomo likes to brag about controlling spending and bringing sanity to the state’s finances, but balancing the budget on the backs of hardworking local taxpayers isn’t really balancing the budget at all,” Flanagan said. “It’s a shell game played by politicians who would rather force others to make the difficult choices that they should be making.”

Adding to the anxiety for some local government officials has been the state’s cap on property tax increases. They want to see changes that would potentially make it easier to budget under; Cuomo has said he opposes any changes.

“This year’s state budget must restrain spending and protect taxpayers, enact the spending cap into law, and reverse the Governor’s harmful AIM cuts – allowing local governments to receive all of the aid they are entitled to and responsibly plan for the future,” Flanagan said.