A constitutional amendment introduced Friday by Sen. Pat Gallivan would block a governor from introducing budgets that contain non-fiscal policy matters.

“For too many years, New York Governors have made a habit of inserting far-reaching policy initiatives into their budget proposals, bypassing the usual legislative process,” said Gallivan, a Republican from western New York.

“Such action prevents the Senate and Assembly from conducting a thorough review of these policies and limits the Legislature’s role of providing a system of ‘checks and balances’ on the Executive Branch. I do not believe this is what the framers of our Constitution had in mind.”

The use of inserting policy into the budget was a milestone achieve by the Silver v. Pataki lawsuit and ultimately giving the governor broad power and leverage over how the budget is shaped.

But unusually for this year, given the Democratic control of both the Senate and Assembly, the budget may wind up being a largely fiscal document as lawmakers have approved a range of bills in the early days of the new legislative session.