When I was younger, there was a commercial on television for Polaner All Fruit. It was basically a jam, but the marketing gimmick was to present it as far more sophisticated than something you’d simply spread on toast.

In the spot, a bunch of upper crust people are sitting around a dinner table. Classical music plays in the background, and they politely ask one another to “Please pass the Polaner All Fruit.” But one guy sitting at the table doesn’t quite get it, and toward the end of the ad he loudly, and with a full southern accent, asks someone at the table to “please pass the jelly.”

The music stops. Dishes are dropped. Mouths go agape, and gasps are audible.

It was what one might call in the 80s a “social faux pas.”

I was reminded of this commercial when I heard about a fundraiser Monday night for Democratic State Sen. Gustavo Rivera.  At a time of tension between Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the state Legislature, add cursing and insults to the mix.

It’s well known by now that Cuomo and Senate Democrats have been at odds over the deal to bring Amazon to Queens. The deal fell apart in a highly public and abrupt way earlier this month, and Cuomo put the blame squarely on the members of the Democratic conference.

Last night Rivera held a fundraiser at the hoity-toity Fort Orange Club – a favorite among certain members of Albany’s political class since 1880, (especially the Senate Republicans, though apparently, it’s a majority thing more than a party thing). The event was hosted by the New York State Health facilities Association and the New York State Center for Assisted Living, according to the invitation. 

The “suggested donation” to attend was $1,000, with checks payable to “Gustavo Rivera for State Senate.”

Rivera made headlines last fall for a somewhat raunchy Facebook post where he said he was going to be ” a Mother—-ing Chairman!” A reference to the prominent and powerful Senate Health Committee that he now indeed chairs, though he hadn’t yet been formally named to the position when he posted that celebratory statement on social media.

Last night, witnesses say, Rivera launched into a fresh profanity laced-tirade that took aim at Cuomo.

He said that Cuomo can “blame himself for the F—ing Amazon mess.” Reportedly, Rivera used the obscenity “F—” several times throughout the night in reference to the governor and his policies.

Now, we’ve all heard these words and phrases before, although I’d argue more often out in the school yard as kids. It’s generally not something you hear at an event coming out of the mouth of an elected official.

Reached by phone, Rivera acknowledged there was a very “frank discussion” about the governor’s policies, including a cut to “those who protect the most vulnerable.” He didn’t deny using colorful language, but insited it was about the governor’s proposals, not him personally.