A bill back by Attorney General Letitia James would penalize employers who threaten to reveal the immigration status of a worker to federal authorities.

The measure would add contacting or threatening to contact immigration authorities about a worker’s immigration or citizenship status as unlawful retaliation. The measure would also cover family members of the worker.

James announced the bill on Wednesday, a day after President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address in which he called on Congress to back efforts to crackdown on undocumented immigration.

One of the guests at the speech invited by a Democratic lawmaker was an undocumented worker who was fired from Trump National Golf Club in New Jersey.

“New York State was built by immigrants and it has always stood proudly as a beacon of hope and opportunity no matter where you were born,” Jame said. “This legislation will represent a critical step toward protecting some of our most vulnerable workers by ensuring that they are not silenced or punished by threats related to their immigration status.”

Penalties would include a $20,000 fin and up to three months in jail.