From the Morning Memo:

Attorney Letitia James met with Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Monday to discuss various criminal justice reform measures, including an end to cash bail and strengthening support services for mentally ill people.

“We look forward to working with the Legislature to reduce the prison population and focus primarily on individuals who are suffering from poverty and individuals who are mentally ill,” James said on Monday. “Being poor shouldn’t be a crime and individuals who are suffering from mental illness should be diverted from the criminal justice system.”

Advocates for criminal justice reform will be in Albany today to push for the legislation. Lawmakers are also discussing ways to end or limit the use of solitary confinement as well as reforms that would lead to speedier trials.

James, speaking with reporters in her office at the Capitol, said the goal is to end a cycle of people returning to prison.

“If we could focus on preventive programs and reduce recidivisim it would go a long way across the state of New York,” she said.