From the Morning Memo:

Senate Health Committee Chairman Gustavo Rivera, a lead proponent of a push for single-payer health insurance in the state, is skeptical of a proposal by Gov. Andrew Cuomo to create a commission that would review expanding access to health care in New York.

“Assemblymember (Richard) Gottfried and myself do not believe this is the way to go forward,” Rivera said, referring to the Assembly backer of the single-payer health care bill.

“It does seem to be a way of kicking the can down the road. Obviously, I’m going to be asking questions about what it’s composition will be, what it’s responsibilities will be. I’ll be in conversation with my leadership as to what our one-house will be and whether we should reject or accept it.”

The Senate and Assembly will hold a joint budget hearing on health care later today.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s $175 billion budget proposal includes a codification of Affordable Care Act provisions, such as the state’s health insurance exchange.