With another federal government shutdown looming, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is highlighting one of the many consequence he says people don’t consider.

Schumer held press conferences Monday in Buffalo and Rochester to discuss the impact to New York’s brewery industry. The Alcohol Tobacco Tax and Trade  Bureau (TTB) regulates the industry for many things including changes to bottle sizes, mixes and new labels.

Schumer said during the five week shutdown which ended last month, applications to the bureau doubled to 10,000. Now there is a backlog.

The minority leader said if TTB is forced to close again, coupled with approvals need at the state level and factoring in time to market new products, breweries are in danger of missing out on significant revenues during the important summer selling season.
“We cannot have another shutdown because it will make the problems even worse.,” he said. “Even without a shutdown, TTB should be putting people on overtime and making them work fast so that they can get these approvals out.”

Schumer said there are 420 breweries in New York that produce about $4 billion annually for the economy. Labatt said it has roughly 40 approvals pending on its own.

The senate minority leader said negotiations to avoid a shutdown are still ongoing with members of the Appropriations Committee meeting at 3:30 p.m. Monday.

“Everybody should bend and make sure there’s no shutdown, plain and simple,” he said.

The latest Siena Poll shows Cuomo with his lowest favorability rating ever, perhaps suggesting the shutdown has had an impact on his popularity. The senator said he continues to work hard and doesn’t  look over his shoulder at any of the numbers.