A majority of voters in New York back using $3 billion in tax incentives to bring up to 25,000 Amazon jobs to Long Island City, a poll released Tuesday by Siena College found.

The poll is a boon to supporters of the project, like Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who have defended the tax incentive package amid opposition from elected officials in the Legislature and in New York City.

The poll found New Yorkers back the deal, 56 percent to 32 percent. Among New York City voters, support for the plan stood at 58 percent to 35 percent. In suburban communities, voters there backed the deal 66 percent to 25 percent.

Upstate voters were split over the proposal at 46 percentage points oppose and support.

The poll questioned voters on the scale of the project, asking them if they supported the tax subsidies tied to the job creation.

The survey comes after Democrats in the state Senate nominated a prominent critic of the proposal, Sen. Mike Gianaris, to sit on the Public Authorities Control Board, which could have veto power over the tax incentives.

Gianaris has said he wants to re-negotiate a better deal for taxpayers, questioning the size of the incentive package.

At the same time, critics have been driven by Amazon’s stated opposition to unionizing its workforce.

But the poll found union households, 53 percent to 40 percent, support the Amazon deal.

Cuomo has defended the plan, saying lawmakers who oppose the deal could face the wrath of voters if Amazon were to back away and locate elsewhere.

“Even as Amazon is said to be reexamining the deal with New York to locate in Queens, by twenty points New York voters approve of the deal,” said Siena College Research Institute director, Don Levy. “Upstate voters are evenly divided but suburban voters strongly approve and in New York City, where some local activists have voiced opposition, voters approve of the deal by 23 points.”

The poll of 778 registered voters was conducted from Feb. 4 through Feb. 7. It has a margin of error of 4.3 percentage points.

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