From the Morning Memo:

A coalition of labor unions, progressive organizations and good-government groups is making a push for the creation of “back-end” automatic voter registration, sending Gov. Andrew Cuomo a letter urging the system be adopted, arguing it would expand the number of people registered.

The model is the basis for the Legislature backed by Sen. Michale Gianaris, a Queens Democrat, that advocates say is more affective at registering voters and cuts down on human error. At the same time, the system is considered more representative by having multiple government agencies register voters.

The proposal essentially is a system that adds eligible voters to the rolls without the prospective voter having to take any action.

Cuomo has proposed in his $175 billion budget plan a “front-end” model that would have eligible voters make decision about registration, including an opt-out when interacting with a government agency.

Advocates pointed to Oregon as an example for how it could work in New York.

“A back-end system uses information that individuals already must provide to register people,” they wrote in the letter.

“As a result, in Oregon, which has been utilizing a state-of-the-art back-end system since 2016, a full 94 percent of individuals who interacted with the DMV and were eligible to vote were registered, which is a significantly greater percentage than front-end systems. Oregon’s effectiveness is why New York’s neighbor to the east, Massachusetts–the most recent state to adopt AVR–enacted a strong back-end system with overwhelming bipartisan majorities.”

Signing onto the letter included: 1199 SEUI, 32BJ SEIU, Center for Popular Democracy, Common Cause New York and the Working Families Party.

Lawmakers in Albany last month passed a package of bills meant to make it easier to vote in New York, including a bill creating early voting and a consolidation of the state and congressional primaries into one day in June.

Cuomo has also called for Election Day to be a state holiday in New York.