Supporters of making changes to the state’s criminal justice laws on Friday continued their push with Long Island Democratic Sen. Kevin Thomas and advocate and CNN host Van Jones.

Advocates held a roundtable event on Long Island to discuss the push for reforming the state’s discovery laws, which they contend are tilted in favor of prosecutors when it comes to withholding key evidence.

“This is an important conversation,” Thomas said. “I’m glad people took time out of their busy schedules to attend, as we look to make criminal justice reform a reality. My thanks to Van Jones and New Yorkers United for Justice for bringing these pressing issues to the forefront.”

Gov. Andrew Cuomo this week in a radio interview on WAMC said he wanted criminal justice reform included in a final state budget agreement. Lawmakers are also likely to seek changes to laws for speedy trial guarantees and seek to curtail the use of solitary confinement..

“If there is anything I’ve learned from my experience working on criminal justice issues and policies across the country, it’s that criminal justice and public safety go hand-in-hand,” said Lauren Krisai, Senior Policy Analyst at the Coalition for Public Safety. “This is an issue that spans the ideological divide and movement we’ve seen spread to red and blue states across the country. More importantly, it is through open and frank conversation by willing parties can we achieve true reform.”