From the Morning Memo:

Supporters of creating a system of publicly financed campaigns aren’t interested in a final deal that does not include “binding” language in the final budget agreement for the program.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo alluded last week to the potential for “progress” on the issue, which would create a public donor matching system.

But there has also been speculation a final agreement would include what amounts to a memorandum of understanding for creating a public campaign financing system in the future amid concerns that have been raised by Democrats in the state Assembly.

“We are excited that public financing of elections is squarely on the negotiating table in the budget talks and is seen as a ‘must-do.’ Binding language in the final budget that locks in the key elements of an effective a 6-to-1 small donor matching system for all statewide and legislative races and funding to start implementation and build the fund are necessary,” said the group Fair Elections New York.

“Anything less would not be ‘progress.’ New Yorkers have spoken loud and clear and everyone at the negotiating table has supported this proposal for many years.”

Advocates for the public financing of campaigns were buoyed by the full Democratic takeover of the state Legislature last year, hopeful that the measure would come to a vote after Republican opposition. But Democrats in the Assembly have pointed to the influence of independent expenditure committees and the potential for fines doled out for violating campaign finance regulations under a public financing system.