Ah, spring is in the air! Is a potential budget deal — or at least a plan to have it done on time?

It’s not clear.

Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie and Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins certainly thought there was at least an agreement to have a budget done by the end of the month.

Out came Gov. Andrew Cuomo a few hours later to contradict them, saying he would never agree to that.

“I would never commit to doing a budget on time,” he said at a news conference in the Red Room

This was the same governor, of course, who tied on-time budgets to the idea of government functionality. He even gave out photo-op door prizes when three budgets were done on time in a row (hockey pucks for a “hat trick”) and four budgets in a row (a baseball bat for a “grand slam”).

On Tuesday, Cuomo employed a different sports metaphor: Things are at the 5-yard line, but it’s not a touchdown just yet.

Cuomo’s suggestion that the budget could be late may be designed to nudge lawmakers toward is way of thinking ultimately, given the pay raises at stake for both the executive and Legislature if the spending plan is late.