When the governor’s office sent out a press release yesterday with quotes from county executives across New York in favor of his plan to make the state’s tax cap permanent, Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz, D, was conspicuously missing.

Today, Poloncarz said he is, in fact, not in favor of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s proposal. The county executive is typically a Cuomo ally and was appearing at an announcement with him in Buffalo.

“We don’t have to agree on everything and I think that’s an example where I would like to see it being a strict two percent but that’s not exactly what it is today and not what the law would be in the future,” he said.

Poloncarz said the problem is the so-called two percent tax cap on property tax levy growth for local governments is not strictly a two percent cap, which he would support. Instead it is either two percent or the Consumer Price Index, whichever is lower.

“There have been years in which it has not been two percent. It’s been the CPI which has been .5 and .6. If it was two percent I’d 100 percent support it but the CPI sometimes is a problem. We have increasing costs on an average basis of two to three percent,” Poloncarz said. “So to go and say I’m going to reduce my revenue below what my increasing costs are by an arbitrary number is a problem.”

Regardless, he said the county has regularly stayed under the cap. However, he said the majority of property taxes comes from school and special districts which often vote to override the cap.

He is pushing those districts to share more services.