The Food Industry Alliance became the latest organization to oppose the single-payer bill in Albany, a coalition of business groups and trade unions announced on Wednesday.

“While the idea of affordable universal access to quality healthcare is laudable, the New York Health Act is anything but,” said Mike Durant, President and CEO of the Food Industry Alliance.

“The price tag of this legislation would nearly double the current state budget and impose significant new taxes on businesses, including the retail food industry. Our members are an integral component to every local economy in this state. Implementing this unaffordable legislation will simply upend our state’s economy. Albany should focus on measures that expand healthcare options at a reduced cost.”

The group is the 50th organization to be part of the Realities of Single Payer, which opposes the measure known as the New York Health Act.

Additional groups that have joined in recent weeks include Suburban Hospital Alliance of New York State LLC, New York City Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and the New York State Professional Fire Fighters Association.