The corruption conviction on Friday of former Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano is an example of how local prosecutors should be empowered to tackle wrongdoing by elected officials, Sen. Todd Kamsinky said in a statement.

Mangano was accused of accepting bribes from a restaurant owner, while his wife received a “no-show” job from the businessman.

“Today’s verdict is a sad reminder that for too long elected officials have used their positions to enrich themselves at the expense of the public they were meant to serve,” Kamninsky said.

“This should also be a reminder that federal prosecutors cannot be expected to bring all of the necessary corruption cases in New York, and that state prosecutors need to be given the tools to help police the political landscape. In Albany, it is high-time for a white collar reform agenda that will allow DAs to hold elected officials accountable, something that is too rarely seen.”

Kaminsky, a former federal prosecutor, represented the federal government in the corruption case against former Sen. Pedro Espada.