A bill that would increase the minimum wage for tipped workers to the full minimum wage is being pushed for in the final budget agreement by restaurant workers and state lawmakers who back the legislation.

“The food service industry employs the largest number of women workers earning below the minimum wage, workers who must rely on the whim of consumers rather than their own employers to be paid a living wage and support their families, fostering an environment that encourages racism, sexual harassment, and high poverty rates,” said Assemblywoman Ellen Jaffee.

“The seven states that already require tipped workers be paid the full minimum wage have flourishing restaurant industries. It’s time for New York to get on board and eliminate this shameful economic injustice.”

The bill is being sought more than a year after Gov. Andrew Cuomo called on the Department of Labor to study the effect of ending the so-called subminimum wage, which has been eliminated in seven states, including California.

“All New Yorkers deserve fair compensation regardless of their occupation. This includes tipped workers who are central to New York’s economy yet aren’t afforded the security of a stable paycheck. Allowing for one fair wage will permit these workers a full paycheck for a full day’s work,” said Assemblyman David Weprin, a Queens Democrat. “I want to thank Senator Jessica Ramos and Assembly Member Ellen Jaffee for advocating for this important topic and working to ensure that all New Yorkers are paid a fair wage.”

The move would aid workers in an industry that is predominantly composed of people of color and immigrants as well as single mothers.